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Bird Watching (Inishowen)

Relatively small numbers of birds appear at all times, however the species variety is excellent and two species appear in the area in International important numbers. The Barnacle Geese flock, which frequents the area, can often be found on the North shore of the Lough feeding the fields around Malin Hall. This species has been recorded in increasing numbers in recent years, with a winter population of approximately 560 birds. However this flock does fragment from time to time and is often highly mobile, feeding in areas as far apart Inishtrahull and Glashedy Islands. The Pale bellied Brent Goose arrives in Inishowen from west Greenland and Eastern Canada, and Trawbreaga holds on average 350 of these birds, this is an increase of 100% since the 1970's probably due to the fact that Trawbreaga is a Wildfowl sanctuary and the Brent goose has been protected since the 1960's when the species was endanger of becoming extinct.

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