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Bocan Stone Circle

Bocan Stone Circle, Culdaff, Inishowen, Co Donegal The Bocan Stone Circle contains seven stones. In 1816, there were a total of twelve upright stones. An examination of stone circles in other parts of the country shows that the number of stones was uneven, ranging from seven in some cases to nineteen in others. Two stones mark the entrance and they are usually larger than the rest. Opposite the entrance there are two key stones which are known as axial stones. In some cases markings have been found on them. A line drawn from the entrance to the axial stones is described as the axis and this line is used to find the alignment of the stone circle. The alignment of the Bocan Stone Circle is east-west and the peaks of Sliabh Sneacht and the Three Paps of Jura may have been used to create this imaginary line. Jura is visible on a clear day. Stone Circles were used for burials and evidence of cremation has been discovered where excavation has taken place. Central pits were found wher

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